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-Forming an S corporation offers a number of advantages for independent salespeople,​ real estate agents and others, according to certified public accountant and Christian Post blogger John Dillard. 
-[[http://​​watch?​v=7T6TbpSW-6E|incorporation services]] 
-The first advantage to S corporations,​ according to Dillard, is that business incorporation gives the company instant legitimacy. He says if a business is not incorporated,​ many state or local governments will not buy from or lend to them. [[http://​​watch?​v=7T6TbpSW-6E|form an LLC]] 
-Dillard also says that S corporations give entrepreneurs personal liability protection in the event that someone tries to sue them. He says that the world is “full of people who are looking to make a fast dollar” and that “courts are full of frivolous cases where greed rather than fairness are the watchword.” 
-[[http://​​watch?​v=7T6TbpSW-6E|LLC formation services]] 
-S corporations also offer significant tax benefits to some types of entrepreneurs. Dillard says that currently in an S corporation,​ after owners salaries are deducted, all shareholder distributions are exempt of employment taxes. 
-To be an S corporation,​ the Internal Revenue Service says domestic companies must have fewer than 100 shareholders – all of which must be legal U.S. citizens or residents –  [[http://​​watch?​v=7T6TbpSW-6E|easy incorporation]]